Beyond the Club: Shredding Sassy's club is where our journey begins. And it's also the foundation for our community-centric lifestyle products and experiences; designed to resonate deeply, creating a sense of belonging and connection, both to the brand and to each other.

Apparel & Accessories

An embodiment of our unique culture, blending the worlds of snow, skate, surf, and crypto. Our high-end streetwear is crafted from organic and recycled materials where possible, showcasing a variety of silhouettes and materials to exude luxury and a distinct vibe. Central to our designs is the Shredding Sassy artwork, featured prominently to enhance brand identity and IP recognition.

We collaborate with world-renowned artists to create products that resonate with our community's lifestyle and values. Our collections includes both evergreen pieces and limited edition drops, offering exclusivity and variety.


Shredit is a groundbreaking platform from Shredding Sassy, akin to a fusion of TikTok and Patreon but built specifically for the 500 million+ action sports enthusiats. It's designed to revolutionize the way athletes and fans interact, offering a unique space for creators to monetize their content.

(currently in re-development after proving the model with 100+ athletes monetized, generating over $20,000. We're planning to add new features and gamification to improve the collector experience)

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