Every adventure has a beginning
For Decades, Sasquatch lived in large tight knit communities scattered about the globe. As time passed, and the world evolved, they moved on from their traditional homes. Communities grew apart, families lost touch and travel became more difficult. Most ended up living quiet lives in small groups, separate for the most part from their kind. News of the outside world traveled slowly, primarily by way of solitary “Sassy's”, roaming the countryside in search of adventure.
Sassy's existed almost entirely on the hospitality of others, hopping from place to place, exchanging stories from their travels for room and board. Nearly all of these wanderers claimed to be heading towards a fun-loving community living out their dreams in a pristine environment high in the mountain peaks. Sasquatch children sat wide-eyed, hanging on every word, listening to tales of the community forming on the tall mountain at the far edge of the map.
While many wrote such a place off as fantasy, the stories continued. As the legend grew, more adventurous Sasquatch could not resist the allure of the mountain. They packed their bags and left home in spite of the uncertainties in the wider world, and the risk of being seen by humans to discover for themselves if the tales were true.
Those who made it to the top of the mountain were greeted by a wooden sign marking the end of one journey and promising the beginning of another: “Welcome to Meta Mountain”.
Finally, enough brave and adventurous souls found their way to the mountain; there was no denying its existence. As word spread, a great wave of Sasquatch migrated through the forests, growing in numbers daily as they approached the foothills. A sizable group of Sassys does not go unnoticed however, and human encounters became quite frequent. The travelers were far too stoked to let the possibility of running across a human here or there dissuade them from making it to the land of their dreams though. In fact, many thought, “Why hide at all?” Maybe it was time to step out of the shadows, introduce the world to Sassy culture and make Meta Mountain truly a wonderland for everyone.
Sassy's are a bunch of adrenaline fuelled Sasquatches that now reside on Meta Mountain. A mysterious mountain with endless terrain and some of the gnarliest features in the world.
The Sassy's like nothing better than shredding pow and chasing each other down the mountainside.