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How To Earn

Earning $SQUATCH isn't just about collecting points; it's about immersing oneself in the Shredding Sassy community, actively participating, and contributing to our shared vision. Here's a comprehensive guide on the various avenues to accumulate $SQUATCH:
🖼 NFT Ownership:
  • Passive Earnings: Simply by owning a Sassy NFT, members are rewarded. Earn 10 $SQUATCH daily for each NFT in your possession, as long as it's not listed on any marketplace.
🐦 Twitter Engagement:
  • Bio Bonus: Showcase your Shredding Sassy pride! Add @ShreddingSassy to your Twitter bio and enjoy a 1.1x multiplier on your daily $SQUATCH earnings.
  • Hashtag Hustle: Engage with our selected hashtags and activities to boost your $SQUATCH collection.
🎮 Discord Activities:
  • Community Engagement: Dive deep into our Discord community. Play games, participate in events, and engage in community-driven activities to earn $SQUATCH.
🛒 Marketplace Transactions:
  • Trade & Earn: Engage in transactions on the official Shredding Sassy marketplace or Opensea. Whether you're buying or selling, there's $SQUATCH to be earned.
📹 Shredit:
  • Creation Bonus: Every time you mint a Shredit, you're not just creating; you're earning. Minting rewards you with a cool 69 $SQUATCH.
  • Video Uploads: Share your passion and creativity! For every video you contribute to the platform, you'll receive an additional 10 $SQUATCH.
  • Referral Rewards: Spread the word about our platform and earn. For every individual you introduce to Shredding Sassy, you'll be rewarded with 10 $SQUATCH.
📜 Bounty Board (coming soon):
  • Task & Reward: Our bounty board is a treasure trove of opportunities. From hosting Twitter spaces, crafting brand threads, to fostering potential brand partnerships or amplifying fellow members' posts, there's a bounty waiting for every contribution.
Earning $SQUATCH is a journey through the Shredding Sassy ecosystem. It's a reflection of your engagement, participation, and commitment to our community. Dive in, explore, engage, and watch your $SQUATCH balance grow!