Shredding Sassy

Shredding Sassy is an extreme sports brand and social club. Using NFTs and web3 technology to pioneer a new kind of brand we build together.
We believe industries with pre-existing, passionate groups of people are the perfect communities to build something of value for and onboard to web3. In our opinion there are none more passionate than those in the extreme sports world.
A set of 6,200 digital collectibles. Our adrenaline fuelled Sasquatch NFTs unlock membership to the Shredding Sassy Social Club. An exclusive club with discounts from leading brands, access to pro athletes, loyalty rewards, digital experiences, community trips & more.
Our initial focus is the Ski & Snowboard market – worth a cool 189 billion per year. We’ve partnered with 20+ leading brands & 10+ pro athletes to help facilitate unrivalled perks, benefits & utility to grow Shredding Sassy into the world's most exclusive extreme sports club.
NFTs that provide tangible, real world benefits and utility are the on-ramp for mass adoption.
Last modified 2mo ago