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Shredding Sassy is a bold, audacious, unapologetic brand centered around our mascot - Sassy. Drawing inspiration from iconic streetwear brands like Amiri, BAPE, Kenzo, Supreme, Palace and Ripndip, we carve out our unique identity through vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and provocative graphics.

Our designs echo the edgy humor and daring spirit of action sports, with the Sassy's exaggerated shaka sign serving as an iconic symbol.

The Rise of an Icon: growing to become the next big IP in skate and action sports culture.

Poised to become a merchandising sensation, adorning everything from boards & equipment to apparel & accessories. Beyond tangible goods, potential extends to media and entertainment.

The Sassy's distinctiveness make them a prime candidate for high-profile brand collaborations, infusing fresh energy into both traditional and digital realms. In the digital age, envision Sassy's leaping into augmented realities or even a central character in immersive games. And as its iconic status solidifies, lucrative licensing opportunities beckon, allowing the Shredding Sassy brand to permeate diverse markets and platforms.

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