Bringing the Sassy's to life
In the vibrant world of Shredding Sassy, our digital collectibles aren't mere pixels on a screen; they're intricate pieces of art, each telling a unique story. With over 140 hand-drawn traits, the depth and complexity of each design capture the essence and spirit of our Sassy characters, ensuring they radiate the perfect level of stoke.
Frank: The Artistic Maestro: Behind these captivating designs is Frank, a prodigious illustrator whose talent transcends mere sketches. His ability to infuse emotions, feelings, and narratives into his artwork makes each Sassy character come alive, resonating with the audacious spirit of our brand. Hailing from South Africa, Frank heads a creative studio renowned for its expertise in illustration and animation.
Frank's studio isn't just known for its artistic prowess; it's recognized for its collaborations with global giants. From crafting campaigns for Nike and Reebok to designing visuals for McDonald's and Kellogg's, their portfolio is a showcase of versatility and excellence. But what truly set them apart for us was their experience in the NFT realm. Their prior ventures into digital collectibles ensured they had the perfect blend of artistic flair and technical know-how.