At the core of Shredding Sassy's vibrant ecosystem lies $SQUATCH, our pioneering loyalty points system. But $SQUATCH isn't just another rewards program; it's dynamically designed to foster and celebrate active community engagement, participation, and loyalty.
Every $SQUATCH point earned is rewarding a member's commitment and active involvement within our community. Whether it's through purchasing merchandise, engaging on our platforms, or simply being an active participant in our events, $SQUATCH points symbolize a member's journey and contributions to the Shredding Sassy universe.
Integrating into Our Ecosystem:
$SQUATCH is intricately woven into every facet of the Shredding Sassy experience. From exclusive discounts and early access to events to unique opportunities and experiences, these points serve as a bridge, connecting members to a plethora of benefits and rewards. They're not just points; they're a ticket to an enriched Shredding Sassy experience.