The Team

Meet the team
The core team is comprised of 4 fully doxxed founders with a plethora of skills and knowledge. Entrepreneurs with over 45 years experience building and running successful businesses.
💰 Over $15mm of revenue generated from our prior business ventures.
📢 Millions of dollars spent on advertising and media buying.
🔥 Diverse talent on the fully doxxed founding team:
🏂 Pro snowboarder sponsored by leading brands and connections within the industry.
💻 Digital marketing and e-commerce specialist with 5+ years experience in crypto & NFTs.
✨ Branding and product design rockstar who has worked with a number of NFT collections.
🧭 Travel agency owner and restaurateur involved in crypto since 2012.
🤙 Plus a team of 7 superstars including: illustrator, full stack developer, designer, creative & animator.
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