Utility & Benefits

Shredding Sassy Social Club
By holding a shredding sassy NFT you will become a fully fledged member of the Shredding Sassy Social Club and that comes with many perks and benefits:
  • Exclusive discounts from leading brands, retailers and service providers.
  • Access to pro athletes via AMA calls, meet-ups and events.
  • Marketplace with web3 & web2 items: WL spots, lift passes, event tickets & more.
  • Loyalty rewards, raffles, giveaways and airdrops.
  • Digital activations, AR experiences & metaverse integration.
  • Community trips, events and parties.
We've already partnered with 20+ leading brands and 10+ pro athletes to help facilitate unrivalled perks, benefits & utility to grow Shredding Sassy into the world's most exclusive extreme sports club.