Our Vision

The NFT space is evolving
Over the next few years we see NFTs gaining mass adoption. You don't have to look far to notice the largest brands in the world adopting web3 strategies: Nike, Starbucks, Meta, Instagram, Disney, Adidas, Gucci - the list goes on.
In our opinion the best way to onboard more people to web3 is by finding the most passionate communities and building something of value for them. Making the process as frictionless as possible and ensuring no prior knowledge of blockchain, wallets, gas fees or seed phrases is needed. The education of our decentralized world comes second after clearly displaying the benefits and on-ramping people in the most seamless way possible.
People spend a lot of money on their passions - especially in the extreme sports world. An average skier or snowboarder will spend over $2,000 per year on equipment, travel, accommodation, lift tickets and more. If we can amplify their experiences, save them money and provide exclusive benefits; the value proposition is immediately obvious.
Couple that with enabling people to purchase a Shredding Sassy NFT on the secondary market with just a credit card and no prior crypto knowledge, just like they would normally buy something on a website. The process is streamlined and efficient.
In order for the NFT space to grow we need to be actively pursuing these passionate pockets of people and getting them involved. We feel that the extreme sports industry has many crossovers with web3 - from the love of artwork to the rebellious nature of participants. This is the perfect industry to onboard.