Business Model

At Shredding Sassy, we're crafting a business model that's both diverse and sustainable, ensuring that we're not solely reliant on any single revenue stream. Our approach is rooted in creating genuine value for our community while tapping into the vast potential of the action sports and web3 domains. Here's a breakdown of our primary revenue streams:

2 Tiers of Membership Access

Annual membership sales for non NFT holders:
Our community is the heartbeat of Shredding Sassy. By offering a non NFT annual membership, we provide enthusiasts outside of web3 with access to our ecosystem. This consistent yearly revenue ensures stability and allows us to continually invest in enhancing the member experience.
NFT holders are VIPs for life:
Builder-level members enjoy all annual member benefits, along with an elevated community status. They can influence the brand's direction, access commercial IP licensing rights, collaborate with renowned brands, and partake in exclusive events and sessions. Furthermore, they have the potential for higher earnings from co-created products.
Sale of Apparel and Merchandise: Drawing inspiration from iconic streetwear brands our apparel and merchandise lines make a statement. Each sale not only boosts our revenue but also amplifies our brand presence, turning wearers into brand ambassadors.
Brand Collaboration Opportunities: In the dynamic world of action sports, collaboration is key. We actively seek and foster partnerships with iconic brands, influencers, and entities in the domain. These collabs lead to exclusive product drops, events, and experiences, creating buzz and generating significant revenue.
Shred Ventures: Curated Action Sports Holidays: Venturing into the luxury segment, Shred Ventures offers high-end, curated action sports holidays. These all-inclusive experiences cater to the discerning enthusiast, blending the thrill of action sports with luxury and exclusivity. This venture not only diversifies our revenue stream but also positions Shredding Sassy as a premium brand in the action sports world.
Our business model is a commitment to sustainability, diversity, and genuine value creation. By leveraging multiple revenue streams, from memberships and apparel sales to luxury holidays, we ensure that Shredding Sassy remains financially robust, agile, and poised for growth, all while staying true to our community-centric ethos.