Building a sustainable business
  • The founding team will not be taking any compensation from the mint.
  • All funds will be allocated to building utility and growing the brand.
  • 50% of all royalties will go into our community treasury.

We're not relying solely on mint proceeds and royalties

  • Digital coaching - our app (once built) will connect skiers/snowboarders to a qualified coach from anywhere in the world allowing for remote lessons, feedback & tips.
  • Clothing and merchandise - both our own and through collabs with established brands.
  • Digital courses - partnering with pro athletes and coaches to produce digital tutorials and guides.
  • Ski & Snowboard sales - partner production with our branding & artwork. (potential for holders to earn royalties)
  • Curated directory - the best restaurants, hotels, guides & more will pay to be presented in our app.
  • Sassy Adventures - fully inclusive, curated experiences and trips.