Core Missions

To grow Shredding Sassy into a globally recognized extreme sports brand.
A decentralized Red Bull without the energy drink, our initial focus is the Ski & Snowboard market before expanding into more extreme sport disciplines. Shredding Sassy will become a renowned brand both in web3 and the extreme sports world.
To make the SSSC the worlds most exclusive extreme sports club.
Providing unmatched perks, benefits and utility to ensure the Shredding Sassy Social Club is the only club Skiers & Snowboarders need to join.
To provide and continually add tangible benefits and utility to our NFTs.
We've already partnered with 20+ brands to provide discounts and unique experiences but we are not stopping there. We are building products, planning events & experiences, loyalty rewards and digital activations - all to serve our community and continually add intrinsic value to our NFTs.
To seamlessly onboard thousands of new users to web3 and educate them on the benefits.
The NFT space is evolving and we are on the forefront of this transition. Amplifying peoples experiences, providing exclusive benefits & saving them money. NFTs that provide tangible, real world benefits and utility are the on-ramp for mass adoption.
To build together, using a hybrid model of core team leadership + community ideas, proposals and voting.
We believe in a decentralised future and envision a time when ownership and therefore profit is not limited to a select few. Luckily we have the technology available today to make this a reality and set an important precedent for new brands and companies.
To add multiple revenue streams and build a real, sustainable business that is not reliant on trading royalties.
We are not relying solely on mint proceeds and royalties to fund our growth. We understand Shredding Sassy is not just an NFT project but a startup business.