Building The Brand

A brand is built through identity & expectations
Rather than the generic ‘we are building a brand’ — we are focusing on a specific industry: Extreme Sports.
Taking that one step further, our initial focus is the Ski & Snowboard market. It's a huge with over 130 million participants and 189 billion dollars of revenue each year. The digitization of sports is ongoing, spurred by growth in AR & VR technologies and digital enhancements to live events.
Now is the perfect time to position ourselves on the forefront of this growing industry in web3.
A few ways we will be increasing brand awareness:
  • Sponsoring events, snow parks, lifts​
  • Sponsoring up and coming athletes
  • Running competitions & events
  • ​Media production and publication
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Organizing charity events
  • Clothing and merchandise
  • Collaborating with pro athletes and brands
  • Representing talent
  • Mobile app - freemium to premium