What is Shredding Sassy?
A digital collection of 6,200 adrenaline fuelled Sasquatches that reside on Meta Mountain. Shredding Sassy is an extreme sports brand and social club. Using NFTs and web3 technology to pioneer a new kind of brand we build together.
What is Shredding Sassy’s mission?
Shredding Sassy is interfusing extreme sports and web3. Think – a decentralized red bull without the energy drink. We are looking to redefine the tangible benefits of NFT ownership and seamlessly onboard a wave of new users to web3.
Which extreme sports?
Our initial focus is the Ski & Snowboard market worth a cool 189 billion per year with over 132 million people. However, this is just the start, we will be expanding into a number of extreme sports.
What is the utility of Shredding Sassy?
Holding a Shredding Sassy NFT will unlock membership to the Shredding Sassy Social Club. An exclusive club with discounts from leading brands, access to pro athletes, web3 marketplace, loyalty rewards, digital experiences, community trips & more.
Is this just for Skiers & Snowboarders?
No. We are growing a community of people that align with Shredding Sassy’s vision. We believe the on-ramp for mass adoption into web3 is providing tangible, real world benefits and utility.
What are the mint proceeds being used for?
The founders will not be taking any compensation from the mint. All funds will be used to grow the brand. This includes: building products & utility, developing software, sponsoring athletes, organizing events and marketing the SSSC.
6,200 adrenline fuelled Sassy's
Mint date?
Mint price?
What is the Mountain-List?
The Mountain-List is our whitelist / allowlist for the NFT mint. Getting on this list entitles you to 1 discounted mint.
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